Surgical Robotics

Design & Modelling of a Continuum Robot for Lung Sampling in Critical Care

In this work, we develop a novel robotic bronchoscope for sampling of distal lung in mechanically-ventilated (MV) patients in critical care units. The mortality rate for MV patients with suspected pneumonia approaches 40%.

Mechanical Design of a Continuum Robot for Deep Orbital Interventions

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Towards Modelling Multi-Arm Robots-Eccentric Arrangement of Concentric Tubes

This works experimentally evaluates a quasistatic mechanics-based model that describes the shape of concentric tube robotic (CTR) arms when they are eccentrically arranged along an also-flexible backbone. The model can estimate the shape of both the backbone and CTR arms, and can accommodate an arbitrary number of CTR arms arranged in an eccentric position with regards to the backbone’s neutral axis.